Tips on the strengths/weaknesses question:

  1. Best way to know your Strengths and Weakness is write down your strengths and weaknesses before the interview.  Maybe think of three each. 
  2. If you are confused with the question, ask the interviewer to clarify the question.  Depending on the type of interview, this question may be getting at general competencies, technical skills, teamwork situations, etc.  Always make sure you understand the question before answering.   
  3. Be prepared to explain why you believe and provide specific examples which illustrate this strength or weakness in action.
  4. If discussing a strength, explain how you’ve used your strength to help others perform better and improve the quality of work you were producing.  If discussing a weakness, be prepared to talk about lessons you’ve learned and your plan for improvement.

Above all else, remember this:  Interviewers know you are not perfect and everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  They are not trying to expose your flaws, but rather they are trying to determine what unique attributes you bring to the table and, mostly importantly, how you identify and adjust for your shortcomings.