Q1) How many zeroes are there in 100!?
a) 100
b) 11
c) 24
d) 22

Q2) A and B working together can finish a job in T days. If A alone works he takes T+5 days and B alone takes T+45 days to do it. Find T.
a) 25
b) 60
c) 15
d) None

Q3) A man driving his bike from his house at 24 kmph reaches office 5 min late. Had he driven 25% faster on an average he would have reached 4 min early. How far is house from office?
a) 24 km
b) 72 km
c) 18 km
d) None

Q4) A mother and father have 6 sons and each has a sister. How many members are there in the family?
a) 14
b) 12
c) 7
d) 9

Q5) Two friends decide to get together. They start riding bikes towards each other. They plan to meet halfway. Each ride at 6 mph. They live 36 miles apart. One of them has a pet pigeon and it starts flying back and forth between them at 18 mph at the instant they both start until they meet. How far does the pigeon travel?
a) Cant say
b) 108 miles
c) 54 miles
d) 27 miles

Q6) There are ten players in a round robin league. What are the maximum possible victories?
a) 20
b) 50
c) 35
d) 45

Q7) In an election between A and B, A won by 316 votes and secured 47% of the total votes which are eligible. Find the votes polled in favour of losing candidate.
a) 3311
b) 3397
c) 3297
d) Cant say

Q8) L alone can do a work in 15 days and A can do it in 10 days. L and A undertook it for Rs. 720/-. With the help of H they did it in 5 days. The amount paid to H is
a) 360
b) 120
c) 240
d) 300

Q9) S sells a book at profit of 25%. Had he bought it at 25% less and sold it for Rs.25 less he would have got same profit. The CP is
a) 50
b) 75
c) 120
d) 80

Q10) If g(0)= -1, g(1)= 1 and g(n) = g(n-1)-g(n-2) find the value of g(5).
a) 2
b) -2
c) 1
d) -1

Q11) The cost of 1 pencil , 2 pens and 4 erasers is Rs. 22 and that of 4 pens, 5 pencils and 2 erasers is Rs. 32. Find the cost of 3 pencils, 3 pens and 3 erasers.
a) 25
b) 27
c) 30
d) 28

Q12) If operation ^ is defined as x^y=2x+y then value of a if 2^a=a^3 is
a) 0
b) 1
c) -1
d) 4

Q13) A team played 60 games and won 30% games. After winning all the next games its winning became 50%. How many matches must it have won to attain this?
a) 12
b) 20
c) 24
d) 30

Q14) 20% alcohol in 6 litre solution and 60% alcohol in 4 litre solution are mixed. What is the percentage of alcohol in resultant?
a) 80%
b) 40%
c) 36%
d) 25%

Q15) Some men can finish a piece of work in 10 days. If there were 10 men less it will take 10 days more. How many men were there originally?
a) 110
b) 130
c) 100
d) None

Q16) If a sum compound annually and becomes thrice in three years in  how many years can it become nine times?
a) 6
b) 8
c) 10
d) 12

Q17) Two trains move in same direction at 50 and 32 kmph. A man in slower train observes 15 seconds elapse before faster train passes him. What is the length of the faster train?
a) 100m
b) 75m
c) 120m
d) 50m

Q18) In a test correct answer scores 4 marks and wrong answer subtracts 2 marks. A student scores 480 marks from 150 questions. How many answers were correct?
a) 120
b) 130
c) 110
d) 150

Q19) The average of 10 members is same as it was 4 years ago, because a young member has replaced an old member. Find how much younger is the new member?
a) 10
b) 20
c) 30
d) 40

Q20) Three pipes A, B and C are attached to tank. A and B fill it in 20 and 30 minutes. If A, B and C are successively for 1 minute each, how soon can the tank be filled, if C alone empties it in 15 min?
a) 180
b) 160
c) 157
d) 167

Q21) 2 hours after a train leaves X another train leaves X in same direction at 16 kmph. It overtakes the first after 6 hrs. The speed of first train is
a) 5 kmph
b) 12 kmph
c) 50 kmph
d) 75 kmph

Q22) There are two circles, one inscribed and the other circumscribed over a square. What is the ratio of area of inner and outer circle?
a) 2:1
b) 1:2
c) 2:3
d) 3:2

Q23) A can do a work in 8 days, B can do it three times faster than A. How many days will they take to do it together?
a) 3
b) 8/9
c) 4
d) Cant say

Q24) 15 men take 21 days of 8 hrs each to do a piece of work. How many days of 6 hrs each would it take for 21 women if 3 women do as much work as 2 men?
a) 30
b) 20
c) 19
d) 29

Q25) If 3 apples, 4 oranges and 5 bananas cost Rs. 22 and 2 apples, 3 oranges and 4 bananas cost Rs. 16. Then the cost 1 orange and 2 bananas cost?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) Cant say